Speaker Guidelines

  • Please provide 20 slides. We will show the slides for 15 seconds before automatically advancing them.
  • We do not allow animation.
  • Please limit your font selection to Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman or Helvetica.
  • It’s best not to be literal with your slides – imagery will be much more effective than text in this format, so try to have at most a few words per slide (no words = just fine, too).
  • Do not include a slide with your name or presentation title; we provide that for you and this slide doesn’t count towards your 20 slide limit.
  • This format is very unique and you should plan to rehearse extensively, even if you are an experienced speaker.
  • You can create your presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote. However, we’d like you to export your slideshow to a 1024×768 Adobe Acrobat PDF before sending it to us.