Ignite Annapolis #2 Line Up:

We are so excited to share with you the line up of speakers for Ignite Annapolis 2016 – coming your way on November 30, 2016 at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts….drum roll please……

What do a banana, a vacant hotel room and $70 billion dollars have in common? 
Susan Adams

Is It Art or Science That Makes the Difference?
Gary Jobson

Journey Stories: Refugee Youth in our Community
Kirsten Elstner

How to Create a Blog That Doesn’t Suck (and People Want to Read)
Liz Murphy

What’s Next After Our Conversations on Race Relations and Inclusion?
Griff Hall & Wendy Shaia

The Human Disconnect from Nature is the Problem 
Elvia Thompson

EEK! The Value of Doing Something That SCARES You!
Kate Fritz

Living in the Gray Can Transform Your Life 
Anna Nardone Hayden

Even An Idiot Can Make It In Film, Which Is Lucky For Me
Jeff Currier

Bees and Birds Love Solar
Rob Davis

How to Adopt a Child from the US Foster Care System
Marci DeVries

It’s about time! We all need to Take the pledge!
Liz Montaner

Pirate Tales & Truths: What Pirates of Yore Can Teach Us About Life Today
Laura Jane Willoughby

Who Matters? #Ourlivesmatter
Michelle Bharath (AACPS Student)

STEM Education: Inspiring the World’s Foremost Idealists and Optimists
Cameron E. Laque, Alyssa Whitaker & Esha Kashmiri (AACPS Students)

Red Light District to Arts District: How Food and Art Create Community
Gavin Buckley